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Welcome to team steffenhagen consulting
– People are Energized by Ideas

What does the ideal corporation look like for you: A well-oiled machine? A blooming biotope? A condensed hierarchy? A powerful team? Your company’s future starts in your head – envisioning your sales and earnings targets, just as you might imagine your employees’ collaboration across all enterprise levels. You want to optimize your business performance? Take a look beyond the numbers, where people are energized by ideas. We call it: business is people.

team steffenhagen consulting sharpens your view of your company and provides Sustainable Change Management in the areas of Organization, Leadership, and Marketing & Sales Excellence.

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Peer Group Study: Digital Transformation in the Process Industry

Digital Transformation is a key topic these days. There are studies on why you should engage in Digital Transformation and statistics without actionable insights, but even less groundwork than that has been done in the Process Industries.
Together with our partner innovation-3 we aim to change this by conducting a peer group study culminating in a cross-company workshop, working out how businesses can be transformed and what you can do to achieve this.

Please find more detailed information on our study and how to take part in it here.