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Our Understanding of Consulting

Specialized in manufacturing B2B businesses, team steffenhagen consulting supports its industry customers in achieving higher levels of strategic flexibility and sustainable profitability in an increasingly dynamic environment. We are mainly, but not exclusively, focused on businesses from the chemical, life science and automotive industries.

We pursue a comprehensive consulting approach, combining our experience in the areas of morphological psychology and commercial business. Rather than doling out off-the-shelf or exclusively theoretical advice and limiting our work to treating a surface layer of symptoms, we target the root of the matters at hand.

Our interpretation of business is people emphasizes a rejection of a solely theoretical approach to managing change. General theory disconnected from context fails to adequately account for organizational and social conditions, often leading to insurmountable obstacles upon any attempts to implement change. This fundamental idea also implies our conviction that change management must effectively address the development of a coping framework for human reaction to organizational transitions. Yet we do so without compromising the stability of your business or losing sight of economic problems and challenges.  

The combination of of morphological psychology and commercial business enables us to support out customers with extremely practice-oriented consulting in the areas of Marketing & Sales Excellence, Pricing, Leadership, Organizational Development, Strategy, Change Management and Coaching.

In light of these beliefs, our understanding of consulting is defined by operating with a hands-on mentality and emphasizing the capacity to work closely and cooperatively with our customers. After all, the most significant resource for a business is its people.