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TU Dresden

Since autumn 2015, team steffenhagen consulting collaborates with the Chair of Marketing at the faculty of Business and Economics.

The Chair of Marketing, led by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Florian Siems, focuses especially on the field of Relationship Marketing – on the question of how companies can arrange the relationship with their customers. That includes the “classic” marketing instruments and strategies, as well as recently developed new approaches of Relationship Marketing (inter alia: customer satisfaction management, customer retention management, customer integration management). All teaching contents emphasize not only the classical, for consumer goods developed marketing approaches, but particulary the needed extensions and modifications regarding industry goods and services. Moreover, research and teaching are consciously seen as an unit, and therefore the current approaches of the chair’s own research are integrated within the teaching.

The collaboration extends, amongst other topics, into the supervision of master and bachelor theses, as well as dissertations, guest lectureships, joint researches, project tasks and publications, and the the exchange of knowledge in general.