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Zweieinheit Institute

See and master more together: cooperation between ZweiEinheit and team steffenhagen consulting

The institute ZweiEinheit and team steffenhagen consulting are working together more closely since spring 2014 within the scope of a cooperation of market research and consultancy. ZweiEinheit is working in the area of qualitative and quantitative market and culture research and completes the strongly B2B oriented services of team steffenhagen consulting. Conversely, team steffenhagen consulting completes the B2C-based work of ZweiEinheit, when it comes to strategy development, organizational development or leadership topics.

Both companies have the concept of impact analysis in common, which combines the qualitative, depth psychological, statistical, implementation-relevant, and commercial expertise in its approach.

Impact analysis means to see more of the world and see the world different. The visible relations of humans include invisible productions which have to be made visible. To put the extensive productions in the picture makes it possible to carve out meaningful connections so that companies, brands and markets can develop profitably, which means they can change. Only with the extensive picture and comprehension of the company, brand, or market, interventions can be planned and controlled prognostic valid.

ZweiEinheit and team steffenhagen consulting offer consulting services along the entire value chain of our customers, from market, brand and consumer research to strategy and organizational development.