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Customer Voices

„team steffenhagen consulting works very individual and practical.”
– Global Product Manager of a global chemical company

„Monitoring of projects to the point of ending of the implementation phase. Diversely positioned team who is helping their customers with passion. Large pool of experience in the chemical industry as well as in other industrial sectors.“ 
– Vice President of a global chemical company

„Enthusiasm combined with constructive criticism … there are always options; combination of humor & professionalism.“
– Head of International Sales Consumer Branding of a medium-sized chemical company in the field of cleaning care and maintenance

„A lot of barriers are removed right from the beginning due to the very human-oriented approach during the project and therefore the foundation for the success of implementation is laid. Solutions are oriented towards the whole environment of the company, not only towards current mainstream solutions. Thus they are sound and useful.“
– CEO of a global chemical company in the automobile industry

„team steffenhagen is a real constant among the consultants. Extremely reliable, dynamic, creative and especially realistic. After many years an unchanged high performance!“
– Head of Pricing and Strategic Product Management of a global chemical company in the food and beverage industry.

“I like especially that team steffenhagen consulting responds to the people in the company, their holistic view, and the embedded project work.”
-Head of Sales of a medium-sized company in the sanitary, heating and climate industry

“Practical, implementation-focused, functional experience”
-CEO of a glocal chemical company in the food and beverage industry