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Welcome to team steffenhagen consulting – When ideas move people

What does the ideal corporation look like for you: A well-oiled machine? A blooming biotope? A condensed hierarchy? A powerful team? Your company’s future starts in your head – envisioning your sales and earnings targets, just as you might imagine your employees’ collaboration across all enterprise levels.
You want to optimize processes? In that case, you should take a look behind the number curtain. There, you will find where ideas move people. We call it: menschen sind unternehmen.

team steffenhagen consulting analyses growth structures and sharpens your view of your company – in terms of organization and leadership, as well as the optimization potentials concerning marketing & sales including pricing. Based on a theoretical foundation in combination with psychological, organizational, and business expertise, we accomplish sustainable change management through tangibly measurable and practical implementations.




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Customer Survey Results

A short survey with our long lasting customers was carried out in September of this year, in order to find out how satisfied they are with our services and if we fulfill their expectations regarding collaboration.  

We have been especially pleased by several positive remarks, which we likewise do not want to withhold from you. You can find them here.

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