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Welcome to team steffenhagen consulting – menschen sind unternehmen

Having specialized in dissecting and resolving issues within the chemical industry for over 14 years, team steffenhagen consulting works in close collaboration with its customers with a focus in the areas of strategy, marketing & sales excellence, pricing, change management, leadership, and development coaching.

Team steffenhagen was founded in 1998 as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University’s department for corporate policy and marketing.  Our customers – both small to medium-sized businesses and international organizations – have long valued our practical methodology and hands-on techniques for tackling the topics of this continually evolving industry. Through blending our comprehensive business competency with our proficiency in both psychological and organizational development, we have cultivated an effective dual approach to evaluating the needs of our clients.

Confident in its mission, team steffenhagen consulting is optimally equipped to support and guide your organization in establishing and meeting its goals and reaching its utmost potential.




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Mentor at “Future of Education“

Future of Education is a competitively tendered project of the BSP Business School Berlin Potsdam, the MSH Medical School Hamburg and the MSB Medical School Berlin.

Under the heading “a network of values / a valuable network” the teams of students shall dedicate to the value of “networks” for a career and the “network” of values with the assistance of mentors. Olaf Lange will assist one team as a mentor.

Find out more here.

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