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Company brochure: six secrets – the key to sustainable success for chemical companies

The chemical industry is undergoing a worldwide change – once again. In the Bermuda triangle of continuously diversified market requirements, the raw material situation and general political climate conditions, former high-pressure business models are evaporating like water, particularly in the European chemical industry. At the same time, new subjects are always bubbling up in the weather kitchen – the energy turnaround, for example, or raw material prices fluctuating up and down in increasingly shorter cycles. These days, making an enterprise in the chemical industry weatherproof is an enormous task for decision makers.

However, decisions must be made. Even as chemical industry experts, we cannot simply generate standardized recommendations for action. The detailed responses which answer questions regarding appropriate strategy must be formulated as individually as companies are unique. What we can describe, however, are the six secrets which, in our opinion, represent the key to the individualized answers your company needs – with respect to the dominating constellation of themes relevant to the global chemical industry:

You can find more information and details in our six secrets brochure. If you are interested in getting your own copy, please contact Ms. Judith Poensgen (