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Team growth

In 2018, the team steffenhagen started with an increase.

With great joy, we were informed that our Office Manager Judith Poensgen recently became mother of a healthy and cheerful son. Internally, the newcomer already received the code name “Pierre”. On behalf of the whole team, we would like to congratulate you!

Successful Leadership Day

On 28 June, 2017 our second leadership day with familiar as well as new and interested participants took place at Kulturbahnhof Idstein. This year’s topic was “Leadership and Innovation” under the slogan “The Boss is Dead!”.

It was an exciting day and we enjoyed it a lot. The event was very successful and all participants were able to extend knowledge as well as relationships.

Overall it was shown that FAITH will be a crucial competitive advantage for cooperation – and innovation conceals this fact!

The day offered exciting exchange and new food for thought. We are already looking forward to the next leadership day and we’re open for questions and discussions anytime.

GlobeSmart Profile certification for Olaf Lange

Olaf Lange has successfully completed his certification for applying GlobeSmart ProfileSM.

GlobeSmart ProfileSM is a cultural awareness tool that helps participants, based on five dimensions, understand their own preferences and tendencies for interacting with others and compare them with other individuals – such as their own team – and cultures.

The goal is to improve global cooperation and communication, understand co-workers’ daily routines and challenges and support internationally operating business people. In addition, it refines global thinking and cultural agility of single individuals and entire teams so that potentials can be fully utilized.

GlobeSmart ProfileSM is already a key component of intercultural training efforts for many organizations and we are happy to be able to apply it within our projects now as well.

Short and snappy: new e-mail addresses

Maybe you already noticed over the last weeks: we have been getting rid of unnecessary ballast and properly trimmed our e-mail addresses.

You can now reach us on [email protected]. Our individual addresses can be found, as usual, on the team page.

Our website can now as well be found on (also trimmed by a total of 17 characters!).

In case you have saved our old addresses, you can of course keep using those as well, they will stay active.