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Art-Analog facilitation

There are fundamentally different opinions and underlying images of people about what facilitation is, each with serious consequences for the facilitator's behavior in the group. When we observe a facilitator, we can often see how serious the consequences of such opinions about facilitation can be!

After all, what "gets away" and what "belongs", what is "secondary" and what is "main", what "makes sense" and "what makes no sense", what is "marginal" and what is "core message" does not follow from the "list of priorities or topics" or the "nature of things" and cannot be brought about "with common sense"! facilitation is like modeling!

The gathering of many different individuals of a company over a longer period of time and in one place causes that, between people and things and in the interaction of different mental factors over several hours, a separate "organism" is formed and developed. This means a holistic, articulated, largely unconscious and thematically profiled developmental form that follows its own, i.e. autonomous, laws and rules of mental events.

As a rule, the running form, the compelling succession of mental events, leads the group; not the other way round. Think briefly of the level of results, the benefit of your last three meetings of more than 2.0 hours.

These are efficiencies of psychological origin which need to be designed in a goal-oriented way. The "in-between-effective" becomes relevant! How can that which is effervescent between people and things be brought to success? How can the flow of speech and counter speech be successfully shaped, and ultimately turned to the benefit of the company?

This requires the art of knowing the psychological laws of the "in-between" and being able to apply them directly in the sense of economic objectives: What is "topic", what must "assert itself", what forces "reconciliation", how does a supporting "order" succeed, in which way does something need "qualification"? The "material at hand" must, in other words, be artfully modelled if a set result, a certain goal is to be achieved. facilitation is modelling!

Our art-analog facilitation models the "in-between" of group processes with the knowledge of just that mobile basic structure of the soul and thus moves towards the results and goals that are important to a company in development.