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Leading and organizing: a modeling service

Leading is usually thought of as two-part and opposite. Here someone leading, there someone being led. The authority and power of the leader, causally acting, should then usually cause two things:
Firstly, they should profitably control the "instrument employee" from the "toolbox for managers"; in case of failure they should repair (coach) the employee.

Or, secondly, they should profitably manipulate the "employee" who represents the "self-interest of the leader" and use him in the "business game".

We do not share both, usually unrecognized or unconscious, human images. Neither the image of the purely instrumental-rational human being, nor the image of the self-interest and lust driven human being who is wide open for manipulation.

We have an art-supported, psych-aesthetic view, which knows the rules of mental events and the production art of the mental apparatus!

Therefore: Man is rather a crooked work of art, who wants to achieve something together with other people and with things. "Joint works" are aimed at, these are "whole, enduring and developing cultures". This will lead to modelling performance - beyond simple surgical interventions!

What here is called "cultures" is extremely volatile and has wide, unconscious fields! National, even global forms of culture include corporate cultures, which in turn include individual leadership cultures, i.e. styles. Culture within culture within culture. Phenomenon as "refraction", coming into the light.

Leadership becomes effective where the conscious and unconscious factors of the corporate culture are available or could be made available and can be modelled, i.e. made effective, through leading action.

A cultural psychology that systematically understands refraction as a context can observe the everyday life of a company psychologically. Through its morphological analyses, it arrives at statements and forecasts that make it possible to derive effective development steps and measures for companies and managers. That is what we offer!