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Double Loop Account Management

Turn silo thinking into true and profitable customer-centric collaboration

In a so-called “VUCA world” and in increasingly complex and in too many cases silo-driven organizations, the management of global key accounts gets more and more challenging. Our answer to that is as simple as it is successful:

You have to get two things right to unlock growth potentials with your most important accounts:

  1. Ensure a seamless internal collaboration and alignment between all functions directly or indirectly involved in KAM to create value for your key accounts: this is the first loop.
  2. Create successful customer interactions with your key accounts by identifying and tapping potentials for creating, selling and capturing value with your key accounts. This constitutes the second loop of our Double Loop KAM.


Our Double Loop Account Management process guides your account managers and your internal organization successfully through both loops. As a linchpin of the Double Loop process, well done account plans provide strategic orientation: internally and externally.

An annual or bi-annual Account Plan Challenge (APC) is the focal element of the Double Loop KAM process: all (global) Key Account Managers meet with decision makers from all relevant internal functions, like Marketing, Technical Service, R&D, Supply Chain Management, Regulatory Support, Production etc.

Thereby the APC becomes your annual strategy and decision-making pit stop for Key Account Management.

The exact design of the Double Loop process and the APC will always depend on your business, your strategy, the maturity of your KAM organization and your business culture.

In either case, we help you to design and implement your Double Loop process. We guide your organization and your Key Account Managers through the Double Loop, incl. the preparation and facilitation of the APC and coaching and training of the Account Managers. Along the process we will sharpen roles and responsibilities where necessary.

Thereby the Double Loop KAM addresses all KAM success factors in a comprehensive program, as there are: clearly defined organizational processes, organizational culture and leadership, clear goals, clearly defined roles & responsibilities, high customer centricity, skills and capabilities, internal alignment, account plans, tracking the progress and measuring profitability.

Due to the increase of the GKAMs’ engagement, passion and competence together with the improved customer centricity of the entire organization the Double Loop KAM has already helped our customers to achieve double digit sales and profit growth.

Give us a call if you would like to be on the next Double Loop ride.


An example project can be found here.