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Marketing Excellence Programs

How to turn chemists into marketing experts for commodities or specialties

When filling positions in Marketing, many companies rely on people with an industry background rather than a functional or professional background. In chemical businesses e.g. R&D people often move to Marketing positions.

There is really nothing wrong with that. Especially not since, as Marketing & Sales experts we have to admit, studying Marketing is far less complicated than studying physics or chemistry. But still competence doesn’t fall from the sky. It needs business specific marketing education programs to achieve marketing excellence. And in many cases also a transformation of mindset.

We can support both.

With more than 25 years of experience we can support you in setting up and implementing Marketing education programs with business-specific Marketing trainings and coaching, which also support the change of mindset. In commodity businesses as well as in specialty businesses.

For many years we have been the lead trainer for marketing at one of the biggest chemical companies in the world, where we have a long track record of educating product and marketing managers as well as sales managers in topics like business acumen and controlling, industry value chain analysis, value chain marketing, market and customer insights, customer journeys, customer segmentation, value proposition and differentiation, pricing, account planning, service management, distribution management, demand planning and forecasting, opportunity management, shortage management etc. etc.

Based on our industry and practical marketing expertise, we know exactly what we are talking about. And compared to many other trainers, we have already implemented the topics we are teaching. In specialty businesses as well as in commodity businesses.

Get your marketing managers up to speed with the right competencies, mindset and an anti-silo-mentality to create “inhouse marketing excellence”.