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From theory to practice and from Marketing to Sales

In theory we are all good at Pricing, aren’t we? We’ve all heard hundreds of presentations on Value Pricing, haven’t we? And we’ve already had comprehensive pricing projects in our organizations. Right?

But still things go wrong. If we’re honest with ourselves, in many cases we are still not where we want to be in Pricing. True?

Value Pricing? Yes, in principle we are doing something like that. But are we really able to fully comprehend the value we are providing with our products and services? To different customers or customer segments? Can we really quantify the value? And do we use it appropriately in our customer interactions? And can we transfer all this into successful Value Selling pitches?

Commodity Pricing? Do we really have all tools in place, like competitor analysis, Industry Cost Curves, Competition Mapping, or demand forecasts? Long-term and short-term? Do we really fully capture the value we are providing with our services?

How big is the gap between pricing theories or methods and our success in selling our prices to our customers? Are we able to sell our price instead of selling by price?

Where can we transform our product pricing into solution pricing or TCO-based pricing approaches?

How can we make use of psychological, Behavioral Pricing phenomena?

How can we make sure that roles and responsibilities in pricing are well defined, well understood and lived in our organization? In true cross-functional collaboration instead of silos.

What tools do people really use for price monitoring and controlling in Marketing & Sales? Which tools should be used?

And can we ensure full compliance in pricing? Is every price decider familiar with the dos and don’ts?

Do we really and systematically take into consideration our internal business culture when introducing new pricing approaches? Or did we somehow get stuck after a first and initial success of your latest pricing initiative, even though we all know that culture eats strategy for breakfast. And most probably pricing for lunch.

Avoid and close these gaps. With more than 25 years of experience in Pricing we can help you with that: cross-functional. From culture to pricing strategy, price determination, price execution and price controlling.

There is no more effective way to grow your profits.


A project example can be found here.