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Sales Development & Sales Trainings

Invest where it counts most and where Sales can make it or break it

We support you where it counts most: at the point of sales, which always is the “make it or break it” point of your business.

But as we are convinced that you can only sell what the engine room of your internal organization is ready to provide, we don’t forget to clarify the consequences of new sales approaches for your internal organization before we start supporting your sales force.

For many years we have been implementing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality inventory (MBTI®) in Sales to help your sales force understand and appreciate differences in the way individuals prefer to perceive and judge when communicating with others. For Sales, this is key when negotiating with customers but also for their internal communication and sales leadership.

By building on the MBTI®, our Building Momentum program will e.g. energize your sales force and inspire even seasoned sales people. It opens their minds for upcoming changes and encourages them to adapt to new sales approaches and to break new ground.

Our Value Touchdown methodology for preparing negotiations comprises tools and templates for all relevant preparation tasks, from strategy to stakeholder mapping, BATNA assessment, defining and tailoring your value arguments to pricing and negotiation tactics. All geared up for developing appropriate negotiation choreographies. The Value Touchdown can be used in sales trainings as well as for coaching your teams when preparing for important customer interactions.

Our tsc - Value Selling methodology is another key element of our negotiation trainings for commodity as well as for specialty businesses. Because “if you cannot sell value, you sell price”. And this is what you should avoid by using appropriate Value Selling tools and methods.

Our Price Negotiation Bootcamps enable you to implement your pricing strategies and to close the gap between pricing theory and implementation. They are customized for chemical and other B2B manufacturing businesses, center around realistic and business specific role plays and provide a unique training experience.

Our “Negotiating under stress” training takes the MBTI® application to the next level. It builds around the purchasers’ position and perspective, their sometimes mean negotiation tactics and killer phrases and trains your sales reps to cope with stress and to act and react without destroying your customer relationship.

Besides these training programs we support your sales excellence where necessary, e.g. in terms of sales strategy, distribution strategies, sales organization and processes, sales planning and controlling, sales culture and sales coaching.

All our sales trainings and support are


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