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Sales Growth Initiatives

Develop your recipe for sales growth with simple ingredients

We believe that you can always grow your business short- or mid-term. And you don’t need many sophisticated ingredients for a delicious recipe: a few easy to apply sales tools, a little sales support, a spoonful of sales leadership and 8 ounces of discipline. And maybe a pinch of training and coaching.

We have the ingredients for your sales growth initiative, like our “White Spot Matrix” to identify cross-selling potentials and to support your volume growth or a systematic view beyond one’s own nose.

Because by only referring to existing customers, many business tools and ERP systems systematically created blinders for your sales force. But for achieving sales growth you have to go beyond your existing customer base. Take away the blinders of your sales force. Instead, take a closer look at lost customers and potential new customers and systematically integrate that view into your opportunity or sales pipeline management. And revitalize the hunting spirit of your sales force.

To manage the pricing part of your growth initiative, in addition to traditional Price Scatter Plots, our Price Volume Dynamics Board and Price Lever Board from our Pricing Surf Shop will help to identify price and profit growth potentials. And risks. And wherever necessary, our Price Fairness Board will keep you from getting too greedy with your price increases.

Sales monitoring and controlling will finally ensure that things get done as you wanted them to get done. All supported by sales leadership and taking into consideration your business culture, e.g. by starting with a psychological cultural diagnosis, especially when you want to transform a cushy sales force into a pro-active front runner team.

You will be surprised to see where and how you can fill your white spots.


A project example can be found here.