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"Strategy? But these days, nothing is predictable."

Definitive strategy and functional flexibility should not be considered contradictory concepts. In an industry marked by increased economic volatility and insecurity, it becomes essential to exercise a business strategy nurturing a sufficient balance between malleability and calculated planning. If you seek to develop and successfully implement sustainable growth strategies while reciprocally maintaining this ability to adapt to short-run variability, then you have come to the right place!

Although we are equipped with the tools and skills to conduct fundamental strategic analysis, we do not consider our consulting assignments to be complete simply by handing over a concept-paper and presentation. We actively facilitate your developmental progress using a variety of techniques, including Value Chain, SWOT, segmentation, customer, competition, and portfolio analysis. You will subsequently realize adaptable corporate, segment, or product strategies, while establishing a distinct focus, measurable growth targets, and explicitly defined action plans. And at this stage, our work is quite often only just beginning. 

Our unique dual consulting style, pulling from our competencies in both psychology and business, gives us the capabilities to support the integration of your strategies not only into your market activity, but also into the infrastructure of your own organization. Our proficiency in psychological and organizational development takes effect, for instance, when handling the restructuring of a business and its practices, any residual internal contention, and the clear (re-)definition of roles and responsibilities. Based on key morphological diagnostics, we analyze the potential obstacles and requirements for setting a newly adopted strategy in motion and offer direction through the consequential changes with our experience in managerial leadership, coaching, and team development. Abiding by our motto menschen sind unternehmen, all work we conduct with a foundation in psychology is 100% relevant to your business. 

As for strategy application to the broader market, you profit from our marketing & sales excellence and pricing expertise. Our consultants distinctively tailor every program with careful consideration to the particular decision makers and their specific challenges. Contrary to acting as stand-by help, we intently position ourselves in the eye of the storm. Here at team steffenhagen consulting, we value and foster strong partnerships with our clients while providing them with hands-on, results-oriented assistance and helping their organizations clear any unexpected hurdles along the way.