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See More – Decide Independently

Two heads are better than one! Through our Coaching program, we will take you on a journey that will open you up to new perspectives. By pragmatically talking you through your current situation, we discover extensive correlations between you and your environment, and subsequently, options for growth and development. We do not simply offer you “tips” – instead, through our conversation we’ll extend your range of thinking to help you make decisions.

Choose your coach from a well-rehearsed team of experienced counselors:
in the Cologne/Aachen area, Dipl. Psych. Olaf Lange, Dipl. Psych. Peter Franken and Dipl. Psych. Udo Eichstädt are available for consultation. In the Berlin-Brandenburg area, Prof. Dr. Salber will counsel you. We are connected through our solidarity with the human being, a common psychodynamic method, and decades of experience working with organizations and socioeconomics.

During a complimentary discovery meeting, we’ll get to know each other better and consider how we can proceed. A coaching unit typically consists of 10 to 20 sessions, each 45 minutes in duration.