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Clarification of Responsibilities

Unresolved relationships regarding roles and responsibilities torpedo the foundation of smooth, productive and decisive cooperation within organizations. In our experience, if roles and responsibilities remain unclear, companies slowly become customer-driven due to delays in decision-making, silo formation is supported, the by-pass principle is strengthened, evasive manoeuvres in important tasks are accepted and egoisms are promoted.

Roles and responsibilities are an integral part of the backbone of an organization's corporate culture. Unfortunately, when looking at such a culture, the focus is usually only on the formal-rational aspects, such as organizational charts, RACI matrices and job descriptions. There is no glimpse behind the scenes and therefore informal and unconscious elements of a corporate culture, such as automatisms, hidden agendas, unspoken claims and unwritten laws are not addressed, although they are omnipresent, have a permanent effect and influence on the corporate culture.

We will be happy to help you to look at both aspects of your corporate culture and to develop a holistic approach to clarify roles and responsibilities in your organization. We understand responsibility not only as a condition, but also as an ongoing process that not only encompasses the leadership function, but also the leadership mandate and the resulting responsibility.