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"Pricing? Been there, done that. Somehow it will all work out."

At this very moment, it’s likely that a pricing decision is being made somewhere in your company. But the question remains – have you really given consideration to the potential extraordinary impact a single pricing decision can have on your profit? For instance, even if the price of a product is adjusted by only one cent per kilogram, the average medium-sized company will earn an increase of approximately 2 million euros in just one year! Certainly, there is more than enough reason to carefully examine and optimize the pricing processes within your business.

Given that pricing decisions have such an effect not only on profit, but on organizations as a whole, we guide our customers through the entire pricing process, focusing on the essentials and thereby reducing its complexity in order to make it a manageable undertaking. We utilize a unique blend of methodological pricing experience and morphologic-psychological pricing competency for all pricing-related challenges. This also includes management of the significant trans-organizational changes which take place as a result of implementing new pricing strategies and modifications.

We fully support our customers’ development of a proper strategic foundation for price determination and execution, as well as for sound price monitoring and controlling practices. Sub-topics within these themes to which we give consideration attention include: price positioning, segmentation and differentiation, product and service pricing, development of pricing formulas, definition of pricing responsibilities, risk management, price negotiations, price psychology, fulfillment of compliance-related requirements, etc.

Due to the immediate and long-term effect pricing has on financial results, there are no practice rounds. You are always operating on an open heart. Therefore, it’s wise to minimize risk and trust in our comprehensive pricing expertise in the chemical field. Take advantage of our industry-relevant experience to insure your company’s further profitable growth.