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Pricing is a lot like surfing.

One needs the training and adequate tools to become a professional.
As well as: practice, practice, practice.

So far we have specialized in providing the ‘surfing lessons’ - worked with many companies to improve their pricing and fulfil their pricing potential. During over 20 years in the industry, we have developed and implemented a lot of various processes and methods which helped our clients improve their marketing, strategy, key account management processes and pricing. In times when there is more focus on tools we kept reminding people that tools do not make you a good price decision maker. As a surfboard does not make you a good surfer either. However, we have to admit that surfing without a board would be very difficult.

That is why we have decided to open a ‘Surfshop’ where our current and potential clients can purchase ‘surf boards’ alongside our ‘surf lessons’. 

Competition Mapping Board

What can help you develop and implement your pricing strategy and tactics in highly competitive markets? How can you avoid price wars and stop price erosion? Our Competition Mapping Board helps you to efficiently overcome these challenges.

Price & Profit Board

Are you looking for an easy way to understand what impact pricing and other levers have on your business profit? Would you like to examine profit consequences of different scenarios? Support your sales teams’ self-confidence when implementing price increases? Then our Price & Profit Board is just what you need.

Coming soon


All these tools will help you implement your pricing capabilities. But do not forget: ‘a fool with a tool is still a fool’. It takes much more than just a few pricing tools to fully tap your pricing and margin potentials.

We can support you in, marketing and sales excellence, behavioural change management, strategy, key account management processes and pricing capabilities improvements.


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