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Pricing is a lot like surfing.

Pricing is a lot like surfing. You need training and adequate tools to become a professional, and also: practice, practice, practice.

Which is why so far, we have focused on bringing and keeping our customers up to speed on Pricing in many consulting projects and training programmes.

In a time and place where an increasing lot of people get the idea that all you need is a good tool to handle things properly, our warning message has always been: “A good surfboard alone does not make you a decent surfer.”

And we stick to that principle. However, we have to admit that things cannot be done completely without any tools, either. Because surfing without a surfboard is … well … at least difficult.

Which is why we have decided to supplement our range of consulting and training services on Pricing by adding selected, custom-made Pricing tools and open our Surfshop.

Here you will find selected Surfboards to support your pricing decisions and we will add new ones from time to time. This is not about comprehensive Pricing tools, but rather very specific Boards for different Pricing locations & conditions.

But still: caution! For the same applies here: it takes a lot more than some cool Boards to enjoy surfing and make it a success, too.

Take your time, poke around and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Competition Mapping Board

Safeguard or increase your margins by avoiding or escaping price wars and price erosion in competitive markets.

Price & Profit Lever Board

Increase the awareness for the impact of your price moves on your profits and help Sales to defend or increase your prices.

Price Fairness Board

Increase the probability of your customers accepting your price increase. Don’t spoil your customer relationship and long-term profit growth with unfair pricing.

Price & Volume Dynamics Board

Prepare your sales force for implementing price increases by better understanding price and volume dynamics and their consequences on profit.

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