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Price Fairness Board

Our third Board is the Price Fairness Board.

What? The Price Fairness Board can help you evaluate to what extent a price decision will be perceived as fair or unfair by your customers. It offers an explicit recommendation whether you should maybe rethink your pricing.

How? The Price Fairness Board is an adaptive Checklist that evaluates, based on your input, whether a planned price change will pose a risk of losing customers’ trust and provoking revenge. It will also tell you how high that risk is. The result of your decision will be displayed graphically and is the basis for the suggested recommended action.

Why? The Price Fairness Board will support you with …

  • successfully implementing price increases at reduced risk
  • boosting your sales team’s self-confidence for price increases
  • better estimating the risk of losing customers’ trust and provoking their revenge
  • avoiding wrong decisions on price changes that are too risky

Additional benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Explicit recommended action
  • Makes for alignment between Sales and Marketing
  • Thereby increases power of implementation when increasing prices
  • Appealing visualization
  • Can be used for all kinds of different businesses


More information:

  WebEx demonstration

If you're interested in a live presentation of one or more of our Boards during a WebEx call, simply send us a short e-mail.

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