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Price & Profit Lever Board

We’re happy to introduce the second Surfboard in our shop: the Price & Profit Lever Board.

What? The Price & Profit Lever Board is a tool that will help you understand how prices, costs and sales volumes will affect the profit in your business and which consequences on the market shares to expect.

How? It uses your business’s data. You can easily simulate the effect of desired or suspected changes in price, sales volume, fixed and variable costs on your commercial result (contribution margin I and II or gross margin) and the market share. The effect of the different levers will be graphically visualized along with the effect on market share.

Why? The Price & Profit Lever Board will support you with …

  • successfully enforcing price increases
  • boosting your sales team’s self-confidence for price increases
  • better balancing profit and market share goals and thereby optimizing your marketing and pricing strategy
  • defining turning points before enforcing price increases (How far should we go at most? When do we need to countersteer?)
  • defining ideal volume targets when decreasing the price
  • better understanding the effect of the different levers (price, volumes, costs) in your business

Additional benefits:

  • Saves time and effort
  • Easy to handle
  • Solution at the push of a button
  • Can be used for different businesses
  • Adjustments to special characteristics of your profit and loss account can easily be done


More information:

price and profit lever board presentation von tscac

  WebEx demonstration

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