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Price & Volume Dynamics Board

The latest addition to our shop is the Price & Volume Dynamics Board.

What? The Price & Volume Dynamics Board will help you evaluate how much sales volume you may lose at most without accepting loss in sales when increasing your prices. It will also show how much more sales volume you need to at least achieve in order not to suffer from loss of profits when reducing prices.

How? Based on a product’s profitability (contribution margin rate), the Board will, within the shortest period of time, calculate the prospective required sales volume to keep your profit steady when implementing price changes.

Why? The Price & Volume Dynamics Board will support you with …

  • better understanding price and volume dynamics
  • developing profitable pricing strategies and tactics
  • boosting your sales team’s self-confidence for price increases

Additional benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Results available within shortest periods of time (e.g. before price negotiations)
  • Can be used for all kinds of different businesses


More information:

  WebEx demonstration

If you're interested in a live presentation of one or more of our Boards during a WebEx call, simply send us a short e-mail.

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